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Coronavirus (COVID19): “Best Pedagogue of the Millennium”

Dr Mayank Gyan Vats1, Dr Deepa Khandelwal2, Spraha vats*

1.Senior Specialist, Department of Pulmonary and Sleep medicine Rashid hospital, Dubai, UAE.

2. ENT specialist and Pediatric sleep medicine, DHCC, Dubai.

*Corresponding Author: Dr. Mayank Vats, Senior Specialist, Department of Pulmonary and Sleep medicine Rashid hospital, Dubai, UAE.

Received Date:  January 30, 2021

Publication Date: February 02, 2021.

DOI: 10.1027/marpy.2020.0136

Coronavirus (COVID19): “Best Pedagogue of the Millennium”


Centuries Back Chanakya, an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist, and royal advisor to emperors Chandragupta’s kingdom (300 BCE). authored the ancient Indian political treatise, the Arthashastra advised that When the enemy is invisible, it is prudent to remain in hiding till the time you can see the enemy and or till you can gather arms and ammunitions against the enemy to defeat an enemy. The whole world tried to follow this advice for almost 1 year by worldwide lockdown, social distancing, sanitizers, mask, and prevention of infection to curb the enemy and somehow gained a success to control the corona and to gain vaccines (arms) against coronavirus. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating worldwide panic, mental stress, and fear with its rampant spread. If we retrospectively intrude and think that what corona has given us apart from Huge numbers of morbidity, mortality, financial loss, economic crisis, etc. and why I would like to say that corona is the BEST Pedagogue a strict or pedantic teacher/ Professor of the millennium because it has taught us very important facts of life on all fronts. While there are gloom and pain, this is also a time to reflect on the learning from this catastrophic pandemic to help us to emerge as stronger, safer, and better humans.

This unprecedented situation requires us to adhere to 'social distancing' which currently seems to be the only viable solution.  Staying confined in our homes is the best we can do for our country and community.

All just a thought! Thought look a bit weird but still I’m on for it. The entire Year 2020 will be dedicated to COVID-19 and 2021 is also expected to go like this especially in the worst-hit countries. This is a hard time for all of us. Though this was the worst ever pandemic faced still we are trying to get over it. For some, this pandemic became a blessing in disguise for me, as an intensivist, this year was a blessing despite all the odd and will remember one ? of the most stressful, time-consuming, demoralizing but successful and satisfying years of life in terms of the ability to save the lives of patients.

One important lesson was that you are the most important person for yourself so take care of yourself then you take of everyone concerned -2nd learning was tough time comes with new opportunities provided one can pick and turn it into one's favor.

(1) Pandemic caught us sleeping. When it started, I didn’t know the full form and definition of PPE. A lot of new learning, on the edge - A single step mistaken- -all-out kind of situation.

(2) Whatever could go wrong, went wrong. Governance, people’s counterproductive behavior, staff & family fear and risk, finance at the bottom, academic controversies, etc. COVID Crisis brought all people together with the best performance out of us as a team. Uncertainty brought us to discover new smaller & bigger in public dealing, relationships, leadership, clinical dealing with diseases and people.

(4) Testing my stand whether my life and profession are for making money, prestige, or making a difference in the Heath & Humanity.

(5) Ability to produce expanded results in the face of no agreement & no financial stability. Making Public-Private Government participation effectively. But in General: Common sense and basics would win the battle for you.


“REAL HEROES” were recognised:

Heroes are everywhere, COVID pandemics unearth them. Globally public realized the “REAL HEROES, WHO save LIFE” are doctors, nursing, and paramedical staff, police, civil defense peoples, municipality department, and many more unrecognized heroes and not the silver screen heroes.  Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, gender, and professions. It is the zeal of taking on a challenge that separates our heroes. Pandemic has taught us to come together as one and work hard as a team. A life saved is the biggest reward for a medical professional. Yes, this pandemic has also public, media and politicians that intensivists are also an entity in the medical field.


Intensivist’s services and their roles were recognised and appreciated globally:

Intensivists are usually never front-line doctors although they are the real savior. During this pandemic, they came to the forefront and saved millions of lives and the common man understood their contribution and their importance for patient’s life was recognized and appreciated. It was indeed a proud moment for all ICU health care workers with global recognition of their mental and physical sacrifices and rigorous, stressful, sleepless duties. The worldwide medical fraternity worked towards a common goal to control COVD19 and it was a welcome development showing the importance of a global team, exchange of information, and communication.

One thing was everywhere in demand during a pandemic – ranging from Mask, PPE, sanitizers oxygen,  medicines, ventilators and intensivists and nurses along with paramedics.  

COVID taught us that Evidence-based medicine is not everything, logical pathophysiology-based decisions are useful and there is nothing like a magic bullet for disease treatment, basic supportive critical care is a mandatory tool. EBM has shaken its image a bit due to rapid info emic on corona from all parts of the world and fast and conflicting data on the medicines and management of corona., biomarkers were the ruling members of the corona, Science is ever-evolving, Medicine is not just numbered, it’s a combination of knowledge, dedication, sincerity, fearlessness, and empathy for the patient and family hence keep it simple and easy Safe healthy living was taught to everyone although disaster management was itself a total disaster, the corona has shown that we do not have plans, facilities for any new sudden pandemic, even we don’t have enough space for dead as well. India emerged as the pharma capital of the world coming to the fore. Worldwide Politicians failed at every front to help the control of corona transmission.

COVID highlighted the importance of governance, adaptability, and futuristic planning by all sectors especially health care, the most vital field because health is wealth. There are many learnings on the professional and personal front as well.


Personal Reforms:

Corona taught us to re-realize the things that matter to every individual. Friends, family, and passions should be kept alive each day counts in life and we must enjoy every moment cheerfully.  We must give ample time for self-introspection, self-help, and self-improvement on all personal fronts including and it should be done periodically otherwise too.


Spiritual Reforms – COVID:

Provided ample time to all egoistic and self-centered people to contemplate their moral nature and Oriented masses to the prevention of disease through ancient Indian Yoga and meditation (with dramatic results to calm anxiety and stress) cycling, walking and healthy lifestyles and of course Taught cooking, housekeeping, doing household chores and managing kids to most of the professionals which they are not taught during their professional teaching.   

The importance of personal hygiene taught by the COVID pandemic is a great welcome change to make people aware of the health benefits of the simple practice of washing hands with soap and water this, if continued, will inculcate in our habits and make the world healthier and happier. Global Hygiene initiatives ensuring 100% compliance on washing hands leading to collateral reduction of other communicable diseases. Family values and values of life were reanalyzed by all and everybody found that life is very simple, we must take it easy. Less money can also keep us alive our needs are limited in reality, we don’t need high ended phones, watches, gold, diamonds, or luxury cars for survival, we need empathy and passion for humankind to survive and to help others survive. Home is still the safest and happiest place on this earth.


Professional Reforms:

The entire global medical / nursing / civil defense/ police/  non-medical workforce came together united against COVID working tirelessly and fearlessly uplifting the respect for the medical fraternity in everyone’s eyes and it was heart-warming and encouraging. Lots of discussions and learning between social media groups were imparted and knowledge was gained and updated at every second and minute and stayed together in this crisis for mankind. COVID with consequent millions of deaths, clearly showed that Overall Globally hospitals and ICUs are ill-equipped or under-equipped and that there is no ideal health care system even not in well-developed countries for such a catastrophic pandemic.


Ushered a new phase of social reforms:

In controlling ostentatious and wasteful expenditure in socio-religious events, consideration, and empathy towards poor and needy people to help them and to understand their sufferings.

Taught how to manage funds by avoiding so-called necessary but truly unnecessary expenses.


Cleaner, Greener, Quieter Planet: 

With social distancing, reduction in vehicles, factories, and industrial activity with consequent Reduction of Global CO2 emission, less air pollution, global noise pollution. Ecological balance has been restored in favor of mankind, plants, and animals. We might have collectively given a respite to melting glaciers and rising sea-levels. Millions of animals were saved this year. We should continue to make green and clean earth initiatives to save forests, animals, and ecological balance in the future.


Power of Digital and information Technology:

Corona led to Global Digital Transformation and fast-tracking. Technology is a MUST in everybody's life. COVID led to a global industry shift to Work from home (WFH) taught us, how to efficiently WFH and coordinate with each other using  IT and communications platforms including webinars, virtual meetings, social media voice and video calls and hence saving time from physical meetings, saving petrol and money and reduced pollution and transmission of infection. It forecasted that Digital media and IT will gain more importance in our lives.

COVID-19 has adversely impacted traditional paper media /marketing significantly due to social distancing and WFH. Hence, digital channels and social media, and a virtual meeting would emerge as need of the hour and to develop and implement marketing strategies.  IT marketing will be at the forefront of this paradigm shift for marketing. Corona showed that our kids are 100 steps ahead in terms of technology and much smarter Generation Z, utilizing IT and media for the best possible benefits for mankind.


Future Hopes:

While we can’t wash our hands off the Coronavirus menace as it has been our doing as human beings, we can reflect on the adjustments made by us in our respective professional and personal lives in the past few days and inculcate it in our routines to enhance productivity, health, and happiness.

The post Coronavirus era will be a game and lifestyle-changer I am confident that the world will soon navigate this torrid and testing phase. While we are in it, I pray that everyone stays safe and healthy. I also wish that each one of us extends all possible help to those who need it desperately and immediately.  “New normal” became part of our day to day life. Nature has shown its power in the most subtle way. We all learned something new in this testing time.

Hope 2021 would be healthier, safer, and happier for all. The mystery of corona will unfold and we all will have a normal life with a common sense of the Importance of Social distancing (not emotional distancing), mask and prevention of infection, and the importance of sanitation, this is what I wish for everyone a year full of happiness Nature will prevail. Stay humble, do your best in 2021. We hope that 2021 will put us back to normal with the implementation of our learning experience of 2020 in real life.



I convey my heartfelt thanks to Spraha VATS*, who is   a brilliant and extraordinary student of DPS school Dubai, who gave this idea and help me to prepare the manuscript including drafting, grammatical assistance, and search of literature as well.





Volume 2 Issue 2 February 2021

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