Editors Guidelines

Each Editorial Board member plays an important role to propel the journal quality. Below is a brief description of Editor roles and responsibilities.


  • The most prerequisite point is that, the Editors should actively involve in the journal activities and events.


  • Suggestion of novel ideas and providing guidance to implement them is one of the significant responsibilities.


  • Should help in planning journal activities and their timely implementation.


  • Should guide the journal to enhance the aim and scope.


  • Should participate in the peer review process of articles sent from the Editorial office. In case of unavailability/ if the assigned article does not fall under the scope of research interest, the Editor can inform the same, so that the Editorial team searchers for an alternative that speeds up the process without delays.


  • The Editor can also suggest any of his/ her colleagues active in the related field, so that the Editorial office can approach them with the concerned reference.


  • If the Editor agrees to carry out the peer review process, it should be performed in detail and required modifications need to be suggested clearly.


  • The Editor should actively review the revised article and must let us know the decision to proceed for publication.


  • If an Editor rejects the article for publication, he/ she should elaborate the reason for the same.


  • Editors are solely responsible to ensure protection and confidentiality of the content.


  • Contribution on behalf of Editors is very crucial, that greatly enables the journal to release quality and timely issues.