Journal of MAR Oncology and Hematology

Journal of MAR Oncology and Hematology


Aim & Scope:

The International Journal of MAR Oncology and Hematology (MAROY) brought into the world with a dream of elevating your research to the broadest network and giving high visibility and exposure to your article. We likewise guarantee your research is easy to find, making your thoughts and information available to different specialists, Networks, and Organizations around the globe.


MAROY is a Scholarly open access journal, Peer-reviewed, Medical sciences, Monthly Issue, Indexing in all major databases & Metadata, and Citation Generator.

Journal is under Q3 Category, Impact Fcator 3.81

The open-access supports the rights of users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles provided they are properly acknowledged and cited.


Title Journal of MAR Oncology and Hematology
Frequency Monthly
ISSN ----
Publisher MedicalandResearch Publications
Chief Editor Dr. Adrian P. Hunis MD
Copyright Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDervatives
Starting Year 2021
Subject Medical Sciences
Language English
Publication Format Online
Phone No. xxxxx
Email Id
Mobile No. +443455280535


Why MAR Oncology?

  1. Refereed Journal, Peer Journal, and Indexed Journal
  2. Publication Issue Frequency: Monthly (12 issues Per Year Annually)
  3. Nominal Fee for Professional Research Services, Low-cost research journal.
  4. Review Results (Acceptance/Rejection) Notification : Within 02-03 Days
  5. Paper Publication Time: Paper Publish: Within 02-03 Days after submitting all the required documents.

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Editorial Chief

Name :   Dr. Adrián P. Huñis MD

Position :   Editor in cheif

Affliation:   Medical Specialist in Clinical Oncology


Country :  Buenos Aires, Argentina



Biography :

*Doctor. Faculty Of Medicine, National University Of La Plata (UNLP) 1973

*Medical Specialist In Occupational Medicine (UBA) 1975 *Medical Specialist In Clinical Oncology (USAL) 1978

• Founder, Medical Director And Head Of Oncology

Oncology Center Buenos Aires, Institution Affiliated To The UBA (1983-2018)

• Recertified Specialist In Oncology By The Argentine Medical Association, National Academy Of Medicine, Argentine Association Of Clinical Oncology And Argentine Society Of Cancerology.

• Ascribed Professor Of Internal Medicine, Faculty Of Medicine (UBA) Res. De CD 1728/03. October 23, 2003.

• Career Director Of Medical Specialist In Oncology. Faculty Of Medicine (UBA) EXP-UBA: 0037616/2015 (Note No3051)

• Full Professor Of The Chair Of Oncology, Faculty Of Medical Sciences, Maimonides University (Resolution 15/5-A)

• Full Member Of The Argentine Medical Association

• Full Member Of The Argentine Association Of Clinical Oncology

• Full Member Of The Argentine Society Of Cancerology

• Founding Partner Argentine Society Of Cancerology

• Editor Of Oncology "Intramed"

• Editorial Board Member Official Journal Of Cancer Of The European Institute Of Oncology

• Member Of The Editorial Board Of Ecancer

• Editorial Board Member Journal Of Clinical Research And Reports • Scientific Cancer Biology Editorial Board Act

• Editorial Member Board Cancer Therapy & Oncology

• Full Member Of The Argentine Society Of Geriatrics And Gerontology

• Full Member Of The Argentine Association For The Study Of Pain • CONEAU. Oncology Expert. Health Sciences. Accreditation Of Careers, Masters And Doctorates In The National Commission For University Evaluation And Accreditation (

• Emeritus Member American Society Of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Emeritus Member European Society Of Medical Oncology (ESMO)

• Fellow Interamerican College Of Physicians And Surgeons

• Fellow Miami Cancer Institute, Division Of Medical Oncology

• Full Member The New York Academy Of Sciences

• Full Member European Society Of Surgical Oncology.

• Full Member American Association For Cancer Research

• Full Member Society Of Surgical Oncology

• Full Member European Society For Medical Oncology (ESMO)

• Full Member Of The College Of The European School Of Oncology

• Member Of The Executive Committee Of The International Study "BRIDGE" For Breast Cancer

• Scientific Director Of The Update Program In Clinical Oncology Of EDUVIRAMA (Virtual Education Of The Argentine Medical Association) 2020


Editorial Board

Dr. Ahmad N. Shamout

CONSULTANT CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, Head of breast and gastrointestinal tumors clinics, AI- Bashir hospital, Amman, Jordan;

Dr. Amarendra Amar

Consultant Medical Oncologist, Patna, India;

Dr Peerzada Umar Farooq Baba

Professor, Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, India;

Dr Matib Rangoonwala

Clinical Director, Axial Health Consultant Pvt Ltd, India;

Dr. Mohamed Ferdj

Consultant Oncologist, Algeria;

Dr. Vikas Roshan


Consultant Radiation Oncology, India;


Consultant Head & Neck Oncosurgeon, India;

Dr. Ramona Matei

Medical Oncologist, Municipal Clinical Hospital, Romania;

Dr. Alberto Mario Capretti

Consultant Plastic Surgeon-Milan, Italy;

Dr. Mohammad alkayem

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, USA;

Dr. Eman Sobhy Elbanna

National Cancer Center, Cairo University, Egypt;

Dr. Anmol Chugh

Ck birla hospital · Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Centre M.Ch Plastic Surgery, India

Dr. Gaurav Jaswal

In-Charge Department of Oncology at Onco-LifeCare Cancer Centre, Chiplun, Maharashtra, India;

Dr Ming Tong MD(USA), MBE(Berkeley-UCSF) & Harvard alumni

Oncology / Hematology Clinical development at US / CN, United States;

Dr. shivang shukla

Gujarat university , India;

Dattatreya Mukherjee, MBBS

Research Assistant, Jinan University, P.R China;

Dr. Arun Kumar Jha

Savera Cancer and Multispeciality Hospital, Patna, 800020, Bihar, India;

Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh (MBBS, MS)

(Surgical Oncologist & Managing Director) Savera Cancer and Multispeciality Hospital, Patna, 800020, Bihar, India;

Dr. Akash Kumar Singh (MS, DNB (Surgical Oncology), MBBS)

(Consultant Surgical Oncologist) Savera Cancer and Multispeciality Hospital, Patna, 800020, Bihar, India;

Dr Shivashankara Swamy Mathighatta Shivarudraiah

Consultant in the department of Medical Oncology at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, India.

Dr. Helidon Nina

Medical Director of Oncology Hospital, University Hospital Center “Nene Tereza” , Tirana, Albania;

Dr. Reza Malayeri

Consultant subspecialist in Hematology/ oncology, Iran

Dr. Rahul Misra

Director, Radiation Oncology, HCG , Vadodara , Gujarat, India;

Dr. Mohammad Dorchin

Oncology Department, Ganjavian Hospital, Dezfol, Khuzestan,, Iran;

Dr. Ishtiaq-Ur-Rahim

Square Oncology & Radiotherapy Centre, Square Hospitals Ltd., Bangladesh;

Dr. Sarthak Moharir

HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara, Gujarat, India;

Dr. Darshjit Chhatwal Oberoi

Specialist Ophthalmologist, Badr Al Samaa group Dubai , Dubai, UAE

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Karumanchi

Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Yashoda Hospitals, India

Dr. Rashmi Benda, MD

Staff physician at BocaCare; Chief of Breast Services, Clinical radiation oncology practice, Florida;

Dr. Karan Sehgal, MBBS, MS General Surgery

Consultant surgical oncology, PDF Surgical oncology, PDF GI-HPB oncology (TMC, Kolkata) , India;

Dr. Abhimanyu Kadapathri

Consultant Head and Neck oncosurgeryHCG Cancer Hospital - Ranchi, India;

Dr. Karan Jatwani,

Hematology and Oncology, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA;

Shreya Roy

St. Xavier’s College, India;

Dr.Anamitra Bhowmick

Scientific writer, Banglore, India;


Clinical Oncologist in a public institution and Preceptor of Internal Medicine Residency Program, Heliópolis Hospital, Brazil;


University, Casablanca, Morocco

Dr. Prathima Ramachandran, MD

Clinical Oncologist, Consultant Radiation Oncologist Free Lancing Online Consultant, The Netherlands

Dr. Anmol Mahani

Senior Resident, CRI, Himalayan hospital, Dehradun, India.

Dr Wasek Faisal MBBS, MPhil, ClinDip (Pall Med), FRACP

Medical Oncologist, Australia.

Dr. Gabriela Gomez Andrade




Dr. Md Foorquan Hashmi

Junior Researcher, Wigmore Clinic, Yerevan, Armenia.

Mr. Sunil Kumar

Assistant Nursing Manager, HBCH & RC, Punjab, India.


Editor: The Editor Is An Esteemed And A Profound Personage Whose Decision Is Utmost Critical In The Process Of Editing, Peer-reviewing And Decision Regarding Publication Of The Article. The Editor Deeply Examines The Content Of The Article And Expresses His/her Views Regarding The Quality And Integrity Of The Article And Also Regarding Any Changes To Be Incorporated For The Best Outcome Of The Literature.

Editor’s Responsibilities:

Editors Are Requested To Express Their View Regarding The Article Whether It Falls Under The Journal Scope Or Not And Whether It Meets The Desired Publication Criteria Or Not.

Editors Are Requested To Perform Detailed Evaluation Of The Manuscript And Should Suggest For Any Further Modifications To Be Done In The Article.

After The Article Undergoes Peer Review Process, The Content Will Be Forwarded To The Editor. The Editor Should Provide The Necessary Changes To Be Carried Out In The Article To Augment Its Quality.

After Getting Satisfied With The Quality Of The Manuscript, The Editor Should Declare His/her Decision To Proceed For Publication Of The Article.

If The Article Is Worthy Of Rejection In Your Horizon, Please Explain The Grounds On Which The Conclusion Is Posed.

The Decision Of Editor Should Not Be Influenced By Any Factors.

The Editor’s Quick Response Is Very Essential To Maintain The Desired Time Constraints. In Case The Editors Are Busy With Their Work Schedule And Are Unable To Participate In The Peer Review Process, Then It Is The Editor’s Responsibility To Assign Suitable And Potential Reviewers Who Can Carry Out Efficient Peer Review Process Ensuring The Best Quality Outcome Of The Content.

Editors Are Requested To Have A Glance At The Reviewer Guidelines And Are Responsible To Ensure Quality Outcome Of The Literature Through Intense And Thorough Peer Review Process.

Editors Need To Ensure Protection And Confidentiality Of The Content.

The Contributions Of Editors Will Be A Valuable Fruit To The Journal.


MAR Publications Has Laid Down The Following Guidelines For Reviewers For The Good Outcome Of The Content. Articles Submitted To MAR Publications Are Subjected To Double Blinded Peer Review Process In Which Both The Reviewer And The Author Remain Anonymous To Each Other. MNR Publications Believes That Thorough Peer Review Process Is A Critical Factor To Yield Immense Quality Literature To Be Published In The Journal.

Criteria To Be Considered By Peer Reviewers In The Course Of Manuscript Evaluation

Peer Reviewers Are Requested To Check For The Following Requirements For Enhancing The Manuscript Quality.

The Study Should Possess Novelty And Should Present The Results Of Original Research. It Is Required That The Reported Results Are Not Published Elsewhere.

The Manuscript Has To Meet The Publication Standards.

The Study Subject Should Be Advanced Over Formerly Published Work.

Possible Significance Of The Work With Regard To The Present And Hereafter.

Reviewer’s Assignments During Peer Review

1. Present Your Perspective Regarding The Quality Of The Article And Provide The Area Of The Article To Be Upgraded.

2. Outline The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Manuscript.

3. Put Forth Your Valuable Suggestions To The Author On How To Improve The Article.

4. If The Article Is Worthy Of Rejection In Your Horizon, Please Explain The Grounds On Which The Conclusion Is Posed.

5. Reviewers Are Requested To Avoid Any Personalised Statements That May Be Considered As Biased.

6. The Reviewers Need To Maintain Confidentiality Throughout The Peer Review Process.

7. Reviewers Are Not Allowed To Make Use Of Any Confidential Information From The Paper Prior To Publication.

8. Even After Publication, Reviewers Are Allowed To Use Only The Published Data But Not The Content That They Have Gained From Previous Drafts During Peer Review Process.

Information Apart From The Published Content Can Be Used Only After Acquiring Permission From The Author.

Reviewers Are Requested To Perform The Peer Review With Ensured Uniformity And Impartiality.

We Request Reviewers To Complete The Peer Review Analysis Within The Stipulated Time Period.

MAR Publications Trusts The Genuine Peer Review Process That The Reviewers Carry Out So That It Helps Us To Publish The Content With Good Essence.


Current Issue Articles

Volume 4   Issue 6

Review Article (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 July 4:06)

Volume 4   Issue 6

Case Report (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 July 4:06)

Volume 4   Issue 6

Research Article (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 July 4:06)

Resveratrol and Copper Nutraceutical Combination: Protection against Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity

Author(s): Sai Sravya Sahini, Narges pazouki, Karen Simona Rodrigues

Volume 4   Issue 6

Research Article (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 June 4:06)

An Analysis of the Reasons for Delayed Presentation of Head and Neck Cancers at a Tertiary Care Center in India

Author(s): Rejil Rajan, Gull Mohammad Bhat, Sandeep Bairwa, Annu Rajpurohit, Neha Rawat, Manashi Ghosh, Bhupendra Singh Chahar, Chander Dutti

Volume 4   Issue 6

Research Article (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 June 4:6)

Clinicopathological Study and Management of Parotid Gland Swellings

Author(s): Dr Avinash Kumar, Dr Garima Sinha, Dr Komal Garg, Dr Sonal Srivastava, Dr Rushit Shah, Hemkant Verma

Volume 4   Issue 5

Research Article (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 June 4:5)

Gastric Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma - Clinicopathological and Molecular Profile in Indian Population

Author(s): Vijay Moorthy, Dr. Roshni Dasgupta, Dr. Samrudhi Joshi, Dr. Delvin Kumar

Volume 4   Issue 5

Research Article (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 June 4:05)

A Study to Lower the Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Dose in Left Breast Irradiation

Author(s): Alika Pradhan, B. Krishnamoorthy Reddy, M Vinay Ural, Mrs Subhathra P, Sushanta Kumar Biswal

Volume 4   Issue 5

Case Report (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 June 4:5)

Neuroblastoma with Orbital Metastasis: Review of Literature and A Case Report

Author(s): Dr Rahul Singh,  Dr Shagufa Jamal,  Dr  Himani Sharma, Dr Hemkant Verma

Volume 4   Issue 5

Case Report (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 May 4:05)

Accidental finding of T-LGL in a Young Man

Author(s): Olha Kostenchak-Svystak

Volume 4   Issue 5

Case Report (J MAR Oncology & Hematology. 2024 May 4:05)

Angiosarcoma of the Breast: A Case Report

Author(s): S. Mhirech, A.Saoudi, S.Alami Ouaddane, J.Chouef, H. Medyouni,  F.Akotegnon, FZ. Farhane, Z. Alami, T. Bouhafa

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"Thank you for choosing Journal of MAR Oncology as a right platform to publish your valuable scientific research work"


Original research papers, review articles and rapid communications in the broad field of information on burns and traumatic injuries prevention efforts, host response to injury and infection, tissue injury repair and regeneration, tissue engineering. The referees and editorial board evaluate submitted manuscripts based on quality of research and ideas. Critical analyses and scholarly evaluation of current issues are also encouraged.


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